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Every October, we shine a spotlight on breast cancer during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Thanks to the remarkable innovations in AI (Artificial Intelligence), we have more reasons to raise awareness about advancements in mammography than ever before. AI-powered mammography is revolutionizing care for patients’ breast health by finding cancers earlier, with greater accuracy and efficiency, standardizing assessments of breast density, and offering personalized evaluations for each patients’ risk of developing breast cancer in the next 1 – 2 years.

Improved Accuracy and Peace of Mind

Much like the significant strides 3D mammography made in breast cancer detection, providing hundreds of images per scan, enabling Radiologists to perform a more thorough examination of the breast, so has mammography AI.

Today, AI joins as a new powerful ally in a patient’s healthcare journey and as a vigilant partner for your Radiologist.

It enhances accuracy and efficiency in breast cancer screenings, reducing the risk of false readings and the heightened anxiety associated with unnecessary call-backs. It’s like having 100 Radiologists review one patient’s scans in record time. 

  • Spot the Unseen: With its keen eye and precision, ProFound Detection, can uncover even the most subtle abnormalities in breast images, ensuring that potential issues are not overlooked.
  • Superior Accuracy: AI’s ability to analyze mammograms with exceptional accuracy means fewer false positives and call-backs, giving patients more reliable results from the start.

See how ProFound AI increased cancer detection by 23% among nine dedicated breast imaging radiologists at Baptist Health in Boca Raton Florida, without increasing the rate of recalls.

What can a Personalized Risk Assessment do for you?

It’s not just about identifying cancer once it appears. Identifying mammographic risk factors and knowing your breast density is essential. Early identification of high-risk cases for developing breast cancer in the next 1-2 years means earlier intervention and a better chance of successful treatment.

  • With ProFound Risk, AI can uniquely combine a range of risk factors and image findings to accurately assess short-term risk of developing cancer over the next 1-2 years. Armed with this knowledge, patients and her medical team can take proactive steps now to protect you’re her health.
  • Dense breast tissue adds a time-consuming layer of difficulty in detecting cancer. ProFound Density automates the process of breast density reporting and empowers clinicians to further personalize breast cancer screening recommendations for patients.

What do Radiologists think about adding AI to their practice?

AI isn’t here to replace Radiologists; it’s here to empower them. Think of it as adding a partner to their team, enhancing the Radiologist’s abilities and the quality of patient care.

  • AI frees Radiologists from the burdens of image fatigue, enabling them to focus on their skilled analysis of imaging scans with suspicious markings.
  • It helps prioritize cases and images based on urgency, ensuring Radiologists can swiftly attend to critical areas of concern.

Empower Yourself with Radiology AI

The good news is you can proactively ask for AI-powered tests from your healthcare provider.

  1. During your next healthcare visit, ask about the availability of AI-assisted mammograms and risk assessments at the radiology center you visit.
  2. Keep yourself informed about the latest advancements in Radiology AI. The more you know, the better you can advocate for your health.
  3. Stay diligent on your annual screenings and any additional screening recommendations from your care team.

As we commemorate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, let’s celebrate the incredible strides made in breast healthcare. The ProFound Breast Health Suite is transforming the landscape by offering early detection, personalized risk assessment, and unparalleled workflow efficiencies.

Together, we can empower ourselves and each other with early detection and create a world where cancer can’t hide.

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