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iCAD is creating a world where cancer can’t hide.

Attendees at this year’s Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2023 Annual Meeting witnessed iCAD’s prominent presence, showcasing groundbreaking advancements in the field of breast imaging and artificial intelligence (AI).  iCAD, a global medical technology leader in innovative cancer detection solutions, made headlines with new clinical data, shared exciting partnership announcements, was featured in AI expert presentations, offered a glimpse into future product innovations and debuted a new brand and website.

New Clinical Data

iCAD research collaborators presented new clinical data on the ProFound Breast Health Suite of AI solutions, which use deep learning to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of breast cancer screening and diagnosis. These oral and poster clinical presentations showcased the potential of AI-powered mammography to improve breast cancer detection, short-term risk evaluation, and even assess cardiovascular health from a single mammogram.

ProFound Risk

iCAD presented groundbreaking research showcasing the predictive capabilities of ProFound. The technology can now forecast a 1-2 year risk for breast cancer, demonstrating its potential to revolutionize early intervention strategies.

  • Axel Gräwingholt, M.D., head of mammography screening at Radiologie am Theater in Germany, presented Real-World Use of AI Risk Scores to Identify Women at High Risk for Breast Cancers with Sub-analyses Based on Histopathology and Time of Detection.” 
  • Mikael Eriksson, Ph.D., a postdoctoral researcher of medical epidemiology and biostatistics at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, gave a poster presentation titled “Multi-national validation of a clinical image-based AI-risk model for individualizing breast cancer screening.

    A new European validation publication in Lancet demonstrated the AI risk model showed generalizable discriminatory performances across European populations and, predicted ∼30% of clinically relevant stage 2 and higher breast cancers in ∼6% of high-risk women who were sent home with a negative mammogram. Similar results were seen in women with fatty and dense breasts.

ProFound Heart Health

Recent research shows that calcium deposits inside the blood vessels of the breast correlate to hardening of the cardiovascular arteries. In fact, women with breast arterial calcifications, or BAC, are 51% more likely to develop heart disease. iCAD’s report on the existence of arterial calcification, along with easy-to-understand visual representations that demonstrate the extent of calcification, can help physicians and patients work together to further evaluate their cardiovascular health and identify any potential need for intervention or continued surveillance.

  • Chirag Parghi, M.D., chief medical officer of Solis Mammography, and a pioneer in the use of mammography to assess BAC, presented “AI Assessment of Breast Arterial Calcifications on Mammography in a Large Screening Population.
  • Thu Ha Dao, M.D., a radiologist at Hôpitaux Universitaires Henri Mondor in France, presented her teams work title: “Evaluation of a Deep-learning based Software Tool to Automatically Detect and Quantify Breast Arterial Calcifications in Digital Mammograms.
Exciting Partnership Announcements

GE Healthcare: Revolutionizing Breast Cancer Detection

One of the most significant announcements at RSNA 2023 was the unveiling of iCAD’s Profound Breast Health Suite of AI applications, powering GE Healthcare’s new MyBreastAI for breast cancer detection. The collaboration between iCAD and GE Healthcare has resulted in a sophisticated AI-driven tool that enhances the accuracy and efficiency of breast cancer diagnosis.

Press Release: iCAD’s ProFound AI Powers GE Healthcare’s MyBreastAI

CancerIQ: Integrating AI with Cancer Risk Assessment

iCAD’s commitment to comprehensive breast health care was further emphasized with a strategic partnership announcement at RSNA 2023. iCAD joined forces with CancerIQ to integrate AI-enabled technology with CancerIQ’s risk assessment and care management platform. This collaboration aims to provide a holistic solution for breast health, combining cutting-edge AI capabilities with best-in-class risk assessment tools. The partnership underscores iCAD’s dedication to advancing personalized and data-driven approaches to cancer care.

Press Release: iCAD and CancerIQ Partnership Announcement

Google Health: Improving Breast Cancer Screening with AI

iCAD and Google Health have extended their partnership, which enables iCAD to integrate Google’s AI technology with its ProFound Breast Health Suite for 2D mammography as an independent reader for breast cancer screening for 20 years, for use worldwide upon regulatory approval. As the global radiologist shortage continues to impact patient care, healthcare organizations are seeking clinically proven solutions to help their radiology departments run more efficiently and adeptly handle the workload in front of them. By leveraging the remarkable capabilities of ProFound Detection, iCAD seeks to provide a viable alternative to the current double-reading workflow.

Press Release: iCAD and Google Health Partnership Announcement

Future Product Innovations

Revealing the next generation (4th edition) of iCAD’s AI algorithm for cancer detection:

Emily Conant, M.D., professor of Radiology and Vice Chair of Faculty Development in the Department of Radiology at the University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine presented on promising early testing results and performance data from iCAD’s newest 4th generation AI for breast cancer detection.

Did you miss Dr. Conant’s presentation?

Watch On-Demand Today: Dr. Conant hosted a webinar after RSNA to talk about the promising results from case studies using ProFound Detection, and how advancements in Breast Health AI are driving better patient outcomes through improved sensitivity, specificity, and workflow efficiencies.

Together, we’re paving the path to a better, healthier world.

iCAD’s presence at RSNA 2023 left an indelible mark on the landscape of breast imaging and cancer detection. The integration of AI into breast health care, strategic partnerships, and predictive capabilities showcased at the event reaffirm iCAD’s position at the forefront of innovation. As we look ahead, the promising developments unveiled at RSNA 2023 hint at a future where AI continues to play a pivotal role in transforming the way we approach healthcare, particularly in the realm of cancer detection and personalized medicine.

iCAD is used by thousands of providers serving millions of patients, ProFound is available in over 50 countries. Over the last five years, iCAD estimates reading more than 40 million mammograms worldwide, of which nearly 30% are tomosynthesis.

Ready to learn more about these real-world success stories? We’d love to talk with you to hear your experiences with and questions about AI-powered mammography.