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About iCAD

Our Vision: A world where cancer can’t hide.

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Our Mission

To create a world where cancer can’t hide from innovative artificial intelligence solutions that empower providers and professionals to accurately, reliably and quickly detect cancer and improve outcomes – optimizing every patient’s opportunity to live better, longer lives.

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FDA Cleared.

CE Marked.

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Health Canada Licensed.

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Detection. Density. Risk.

Our ProFound Portfolio

Backed by science, clinical evidence, and proven patient outcomes; our suite of solutions – Detection, Density, and Risk – shine a spotlight on cancer, exposing its hiding place. Empowering you to personalize breast cancer screening like never before.

We’ve earned the trust of thousands of providers and millions of patients.

Our extensive, clinically-proven AI solutions have been empowering clinicians and changing patient’s lives for decades.

Changing Lives with Measurable Results

  • Improve patient care and outcomes
  • Seamless integration into existing workflows & systems

Guidance You Can Trust

  • Extensive, globally-diverse, and rigorously validated data set
  • Globally certified and regulatory-compliant
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Radiologists using ProFound report:

  • Finding more cancers earlier, including invasive lobular carcinomas
  • Improved diagnostic accuracy, with less reading time and less stress
  • Elevated MQSA scores, indicating higher accuracy in screening detection
  • Reduced misdiagnosis and consistent diagnostic interpretation
  • Increase in screening volume
  • Reduction in unnecessary recalls and biopsies

Extensive, certified global reach.

ProFound solutions are certified and available in over 50 countries.

FDA Cleared. CE Marked. Health Canada Licensed.

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iCAD, Inc.

98 Spit Brook Road
Suite 100 Nashua, NH 03062 USA
Toll-free: +1 866 280 2239
Phone: +1 603 882 5200

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Technical Support

Toll-free: +1 866-280-2239
Phone: +1 603-882-5200

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Investor Relations

iCAD Investor Relations

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Public Relations

iCAD, Inc.

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Together, we can create a world where cancer can’t hide.

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