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Radiologists Asked. We Delivered.

A screening revolution has arrived. The difference is ProFound.

ProFound AI Detection delivers clarity, confidence, and peace of mind. ProFound is clinically proven to improve breast cancer detection and radiologist performance.

FDA Cleared. CE Marked. Health Canada Licensed.

Discover the Improved Readability in ProFound AI Detection.

New features help breast imaging professionals quickly identify suspicious lesions by limiting the number of marks on each 3D view, and understand the level of suspicion related to lesions and the case through color-coded scoring ranges.

Improved Readability on Workstation:

• Limited number of marks
• Color-coded lesion marks
• Color-coded scorecard

clinical results

Focus on the most critical lesion marks.

ProFound AI Detection limits the number of marks to three per view* by default, always marking the highest scoring three lesions. Option can be disabled.

*With no impact to Specificity and minimal impact to Sensitivity (0%-<0.8% by vendor), based on tests against iCAD’s regulatory dataset.

Score card

Quickly assess Scorecard & Lesion Mark insights during exam reading.

Lesion marks are scored as low (0-19), intermediate (20-69), or high (70-100) level of suspicion of breast cancer and color-coded on each view.

The ProFound Scorecard displays a color-coded Detection, Density, and Risk score2, based on the installed products, using the same Level of Suspicion range as the lesion scores.

Scoring Ranges removed %-sign from lesion scores and ProFound Scorecard.

Ready to get started with ProFound Detection V3 Service Pack?

  1. Schilling, K. Presented Research at ECR 2023; Vienna, Austria. 2. ProFound Risk is CE Marked, Health Canada Licensed, and available for investigational use only in U.S.