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Discover the ProFound Breast AI Health Suite

Together, we can change more lives.

Backed by science, clinical evidence, and proven patient outcomes, our suite of solutions – Detection, Density, and Risk – shine a spotlight on cancer, exposing its hiding place. Empowering you to personalize breast cancer screening like never before.

Confident woman

Cancer wins when it hides.

When it comes to cancer, hide and seek is no game.

iCAD is creating a world where cancer can’t hide with innovative artificial intelligence solutions that empower providers and professionals to accurately, reliably and quickly detect cancer and improve outcomes – optimizing every patient’s opportunity to live better, longer lives.

Joining forces against a common enemy.

In the fight against cancer, we’re stronger together. Learn why our customers believe that our solutions are the secret weapon for cancer detection and treatment.

Emily F. Conant

“Our retrospective study shows that AI has the potential to correctly identify a third of DBT screening exams as having no malignancy or an extremely low likelihood of malignancy. This AI-triaging could help radiologists determine which cases may need more intensive analysis”.


Professor of Radiology and Vice Chair of Faculty Development in the Department of Radiology at the University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine

Laura Dean

“ProFound AI is a game-changer, helping us more confidently and efficiently move through cases, and with more accuracy than ever before. Whether recommending a biopsy or confidently dismissing a case, ProFound AI empowers our team with crucial insights that aid in clinical decisions”.


Radiologist, Section of Breast Imaging, Cleveland Clinic

Kathy Schilling

“ProFound AI has provided a great deal of assistance in mammography decisions. ProFound AI uses artificial intelligence to rapidly and accurately analyze patients’ digital breast tomosynthesis images, producing a unique and quantifiable Certainty of Finding score for the patients’ overall case”.


Radiologist, Boca Raton Regional Hospital

Introducing iCAD’s AI Platform

ProFound Breast Health Suite

Powered by the latest innovations in artificial intelligence (AI), the ProFound Suite offers clinically proven, 360-degree solutions for cancer detection, density assessment, and personalized risk evaluation. With about 2x the improvement in clinical performance compared to other leading offers,1 ProFound offers unrivaled accuracy, as well as multi‐vendor compatibility and unique workflow advantages.

Doctor and Patient

Why early detection matters.

• Increases the five-year survival rate to over 99%.2

• Reduce the need for aggressive treatments.

• Better treatment outcomes.

Patient-Driven, AI-Powered.

Creating a World Where Cancer Can’t Hide.

Flexible integrations to maximize patient care.

Streamlining mammography workflows to create efficiencies and peace of mind.

With thousands of installations worldwide, our solutions offer multi-vendor compatibility that seamlessly integrate into the diagnostic process, in any reading environment.

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Implementation and operation made easy.

Multi-Vendor Capability

Fully integrated with:

• 50+ PACS and 94 versions

• 2D and 3D OEM manufacturers

• AI platform providers and workflow systems

Multi-Deployment Options

• Cloud – yours or ours

• On-premises hardware – yours or ours

• 3rd party Platform or OEM integration

Reserve time in-person or virtually.

We look forward to meeting with you.

Let us show you our suite of clinically proven AI-powered breast cancer detection, density assessment, and risk evaluation solutions provide certainty and peace of mind, improving patient outcomes and saving lives.


ProFound AI (new 4th generation) is pending CE Mark, Health Canada, and FDA Clearance.

ProFound AI Risk is CE Marked, Health Canada Licensed, and available for investigational use only in the U.S.

  1. Accessed 1-20-23. FDA 510K submissions K182373 (iCAD), K201019 (Hologic) and K193229 (ScreenPoint).
  2. Accessed 11-01-2023