VeraLook from iCAD uses sophisticated image processing software to automatically identify polyps in CTC images. Working in conjunction with state-of-the art hardware and image visualization software from partners that include Viatronix, Tera Recon and Vital Images, our solution highlights polyp locations to the interpreting physician. iCAD's VeraLook can:

  • Identify colon polyps to aid in the reading process
  • Integrate with specialized CTC reading environments
  • Improve accuracy, productivity and workflow
  • Streamline the reading process and improve consistency

Take a closer look - contact us or call + 1 877 iCADnow and learn how VeraLook will empower you to make a difference in the fight against colorectal cancer.





Virtual Colonscopy

VeraLook 3D "fly through" view. Polyps are highlighted in blue.


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Product Literature

VeraLook Product Data Sheet - Vital Images (pdf)

VeraLook Product Data Sheet - Viatronix (pdf)

VeraLook Case Study #1 - Dr. Dachman (pdf)

VeraLook Case Study #2 - Dr. Dachman (pdf)

Clinical Abstract (pdf)

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