PowerLook Mammo Detection (formerly branded as SecondLook) is based on sophisticated patented algorithms that analyze the data, automatically identifying and marking suspicious regions in 2D mammography images. The solution provides the radiologist with a “second look” which helps the radiologist detect actionable missed cancers earlier than screening mammography alone. PowerLook Mammo Detection detects and identifies suspicious masses and micro-calcifications utilizing image processing, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence techniques. Information from thousands of mammography images are incorporated into these algorithms enabling the product to distinguish between characteristics of cancerous and normal tissue.

Benefits Include

Superior performance for accurate detection of elusive early-stage cancers

Seamless integration with existing systems to improve workflow

Unmatched productivity to reliably handle high case volumes

Adds a level of quality assurance and clinical confidence to standard mammography screening

Maximum sensitivity and optimal performance to enhance patient care

Clearly marks without obscuring the region of interest for faster, more precise reads

Superior CAD Algorithms Support Early Detection

  • Patented artificial intelligence and pattern recognition technology are used to identify potential cancers
  • Suspicious areas are identified and marked without obscuring the underlying image



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